Gray and Green
Gray and Green
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Granite Gear


YoYo Games

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November 11, 2008


Platformer, Adventure Game.

Gray and Green is a Adventure/Platformer Game where a Mubloonian name Mubly must save Mubloon from the gray cures. This game was made by Granite Gear


Far away from our planet, lies a small planet called mubloon'. This planet was created centuries ago long before planet earth. Mubloon Counts thousands of Mubloonians, living in peace. Mubloonians are small blue creatures who are still living in the Middle Ages. The beautiful colors of Mubloon are keeping the mubloonians alive. Without the colors they have no strength to live. This is a story about the day Mubloon was falling apart.

On a normal day, a dark wizard stood on the biggest mountain of Mubloon. The name of this wizzard is 'Murlan' Lord of the Dar Realm. The Dark Realm is the evil side of Mubloon, lieing deeping inside of the planet. Murlan rose his hand and launched a huge thunderstorm into the sky with made it red. Suddenly an enormous crack appeared into the ground: The gates of the dark realm are open.

Some sort of gray cloak appeared from the crack and covered the entire planet. Everything turned gray, no color. Grass, Lakes, Rivers, Villages, Cities, Animals and even the mightiest trees and mountains could not resist against the power of the gray curse. Birds won't fly, bunnies won't hop, fish won't swim and dogs won't bark.


Also the Mubloonians were affected by the gray curse, execept one: Mubly. He was completely paralyzed by the strange shocking events around him. He saw his best friends turn into gray abominations. The entire planet was gray, but Mubly was still blue as always. What was the reason for this? Was Mubly the chosen on? All he knows is that he is the only one who is able to save Mubloon.

The sky was blue again. The only things that were not gray was the sky, the crack, Mubly and Murlan's Royal servants. There are three small islands, which are the life core of Mubloon. If Mubly is able to bring back the colors here, Mubloon will be saved. One of the three islands are the Greenlands, Mubly's home. The second one are the Eyepatch islands, the home of every evil pirate. The last one are the greenhills. All lands are guarded well by Murlan's Servants. Good luck, Mubly


These are the worlds in the game.



The Greenlands is the first island in the game. The Greenlands is a green grassland that was affected by the gray curse. It was the home for Mubly before.


  • Mubly
  • Murlan
  • Various Mubloonians